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What are the ACG Forum Rules?

Our primary mission is to discuss military history and wargaming in a friendly, civilized atmosphere. Help us stay on mission by reading and understanding our rules of engagement below!

We invite you to enjoy all that the Armchair General community has to offer. In these Forums you'll explore subjects of interest to you and make new relationships with fellow historians and gamers. There are places to be serious, and even some places to have fun and tell a joke or two. But please...always act like a civilized person and never insult others or be excessively crude. The opinions expressed on these forums are not necessarily those shared by Armchair General magazine or the Armchair General website.

Remember that this is a community that you are joining. Your community! Treat it as such. A good rule of thumb is to never say something in the Forum that you wouldn't say in front of a group of people. While we strive to keep an open and friendly atmosphere for discussion at Armchair General, we reserve the right to edit and/or delete inappropriate posts and to bar any member who refuses to get along with others.

Thank you for your co-operation, we hope you enjoy the site!


For the most part, the moderators and staff who run this site are unpaid volunteers. These people have stepped up from the community to help make this a better place for all visitors, including YOU! Arguing, intimidating, or otherwise harassing these staffers will not be tolerated in any way shape or form. Posting on these forums is considered a privilege, and is NOT a right. Likewise, we maintain the right to disallow, prohibit, ban, eject, delete, or otherwise refuse service to anyone who won't abide by our simple rules listed on this page. The rules below are non-inclusive, and are simply meant as guides. If there are any differences of interpretation, the staff of ACG shall have the FINAL say in the matter.

If you have questions about the staff, the forum, or our rules, please contact forumadmin03 --==at==-- armchairgeneral --==dot==-- com for clarification. For the vast majority of people who are accustomed to living within a society, there will be no problems. For the troublemakers however...


If you see problems with the forum itself, please visit our "Basic Training" Forum (listed on the main forum page). This includes missing files, broken links, or things you don't understand.

If you see a post which contains material that you think may be offensive to our members, or contains wording that may be breaking the rules or spirit of the rules below, please use the "Report Bad Post" option (located below each member's avatar/picture and it looks like a little circle with an X in it ). This alerts the admins to check out the post and take action if necessary.

If you have other problems that don't fit into these categories, please contact staff at armchairgeneral.com with your concern.


This is a site which enjoys the company of members from all over the world. While healthy debate is encouraged, please have the courtesy to respect the views of others. Please do not use obscene or offensive language, or engage in personal attacks or "flaming" of other members. This will not be tolerated.


Spamming is posting links to commerical products in any forum except the Messageboard forum. Items not specifically geared towards history or gaming will be deleted outright (cell phones, viagra, etc.) wherever they are found. Posting the same message in multiple forums is also considered spam, no matter what the content unless specifically authorized by staff.


Racist Remarks, Racial Slurs, Nazi Revisionism, purposeful Revisionist History contrary to known or certain facts, or any commentary calling for the indiscriminate mass murder or genocide of any group based on race, religion, nationality, sexual preference or political beliefs will not be tolerated on the Armchair General (ACG) Forums.

Needless to say, these have no place at a serious historical forum, although we may allow them in certain circumstances as case studies of how history can be manipulated by ignorance.


ACG encourages the use of avatars and usernames showing personal, historical, military or wargaming-related themes to show your interests or personality in our community. We forbid the use of sexually suggestive, racist (including political figures preaching hatred or genocide), or otherwise improper, controversial or deliberately provocative images and names. Look at other member's avatars and names for a baseline on what is acceptable if you are in doubt. You may be asked to change your avatar or name by one of the admins or you may be assigned a generic one temporarily if yours is pushing the boundary. Their decision is final.


The private message system is intended to be a private correspondence between two or more people on the forums, which is not for public consumption. It is common courtesy and standard practice to NOT post the contents of private messages on the public forum unless you have the affirmation of all parties involved. You wouldn't want your private email being read to the whole world would you? Treat private messages in the same way.

The Reputation Comment system is also intended for non-public viewing, and posting private comments is strongly discouraged.

If you feel the private message system is being used to threaten, intimidate, or otherwise harass you, please contact an administrator for help.


Excessive profanity, or profanity which is directed at another user, will not be tolerated.


It is YOUR responsibility to thoroughly research any products/services you are buying or trading on these forums. Armchair General make no assurances, guarantees, etc. about the legitimacy of buyers and sellers or products and services listed on our forum. Use extreme caution and common sense when dealing with buyers or sellers or anyone offering deals too good to be true. We cannot resolve disputes of any kind, and have no authority to help buyers/sellers with said disputes. If we find evidence of criminal activity, the user will be banned/kicked out of our community and possibly reported to the appropriate authorities. Otherwise, you are completely on your own.


Behaviour which is either disruptive or which demonstrates a lack of respect for our community as a whole or a particular Member or group of Members is not acceptable and, if necessary, action will be taken to stop this. In addition, potentially libelous comments against any other person or organisation will be removed.


Attachments depicting nudity or themes of an "adult" nature are not permitted.


The discussion of pirating, or alluding to pirating of software is not permitted within these Forums.


Want to see the overall organization of our forums? Simply click here. It shows the layout of all our forums. Not a regular yet? Why not start in the introduction forum!

All of the Forums here are category specific, with a description under the Forum name in the index. We have Moderators who work hard to keep fresh content in each area, please help reduce their workload by posting threads in the correct Forums. Threads which are posted in the wrong Forum may be moved to the proper place at the Moderator's discretion.


The OT Forum itself is the place for a thread that doesn't quite fit into any other forum. (Happy Birthday greetings, sports threads, general conversation, etc). Please use it accordingly.

The Off-Topic Discussion forum has a specific sub-forum for Jokes and Humor. This sub-forum should be self-explanatory. These posts are NOT counted towards your post count. This was a decision enacted to reward members who post relevant military history and wargaming posts in the respective forums...rather than reward someone who spends all their time posting one-liners in the joke forum.


We do not allow the posting of full articles, unless permission is explicitly granted from the owner. If you wish to post an online article for discussion, please use the leading paragraph(s) as a sample, followed by the link to the full article. Readers can then read the article on the external site and discuss it on our forums after reading it. We respect the copyright holders of external material and we reserve the right to truncate any extended copying and pasting of articles. Articles without proper attribution will be removed completely if brought to the attention of staff.

Photos, videos, audio, etc. remain the property of the creator or copyright holder and this site in no way makes a claim on these properties, even if linked or displayed by users of our forum. If you are the owner of a website which has material such as photos displayed by members here or elsewhere, ask your host to turn on Hotlink Protection. This prevents anyone from viewing your images outside your website.


Since people like to know procedure, here is our general outline of how we handle problems in the community. We use a very hands-off moderation approach, and most times you won't even know a moderator is around. If any of the above rules are broken, it will usually result in a Private Message being sent to the member, and 99% of the time we can reach a solution that is almost transparent to the rest of the membership.

Sometimes, it will go to the next step, which requires a moderator to publicly alter someone's message [for instance if there is extreme profanity in a message, but the member has logged off for the night]. This is rarely done, and we try to put a note in the original post as to why something was changed. In a more serious manner, a member can knowingly, intentionally, or repeatedly break rules and may be asked politely to stop, be forced to sit out for a couple weeks, or as an absolute last resort be banned from our community. Even then, a sincere apology is usually all that is required to lift said ban (except in cases where someone tries to circumvent the ban by creating fictitious users - this pretty much insures permanent exile).

I'm not getting a welcome email, password reminder, etc.

This is typical when your spam blocker settings are too high. Make sure your email account can receive email from armchairgeneral.com so you can get your welcome information, password reminders, and correspondence from the staff.

What is Reputation?

You can give and receive reputation points by clicking on the Yin/Yang symbol on the top right of messages. In this fashion you can privately let the poster know whether you approve (positive reputation) or disapprove (negative reputation) with what they have posted. We encourage posting positive reputation where possible!

You can see your reputation by clicking on the USER CP on the Navigation Bar near the top of your screen. You can also see a representation of your reputation on each of your posts in the form of small green dots (or red ones for negative reputation).

Reputation has no bearing on anything else on the forums, and its primary function should be seen as recreational more than anything else.

Dial-Up Friendly Options
If you are on dial up service, there are several options you can use to make the forums less graphical, and hopefully faster.

1. Go to USERCP, select EDIT PROFILE, and go all the way to the bottom. Select NO so it will not show left menu and top logo. This will remove the top images and the left menu.

You can also remove ranks, profile fields, front page thumbs, photo box at bottom of main forum, and the flags for a bit of extra bandwidth savings.

2. Go to USERCP, select EDIT OPTIONS, and under THREAD DISPLAY OPTIONS, uncheck show avatars, show signatures, and show images. This will significantly alter the file size of each page.

3. Many users report significant speed increase when using the Firefox browser instead of Internet Explorer.

4. Note that when you are looking at the main list of forums, each section (the white lettering on black background) has a little button on the far right side that looks like a tiny arrow pointing up. If you click those, it "closes" those forums so they will no longer display on your screen. Depending on your cookie settings, they should remain closed each time you visit (until you choose to re-open them).

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