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Ambush at Trung Loi aka Thuan Loi

I would suggest from the info available that the site of the battle was northeast of Chon Thanh, at the hamlet of Thuan Loi, with Trung Loi being an acceptable pronunciation of it. As Chon Thanh is directly north of Saigon, I think the reporter would have most likely got the direction correct, and the mileage (perhaps should have been klicks) incorrect. Thuan Loi is about 50 miles N-N.E. of Saigon, the direction claimed in the article, and appears on map L7014 series 6331 I and, as you can see from the photo attached (from a L701 series map), the bend in the road into the hamlet matches the drawing of the ambush location closely. And they needed to be far enough away to take the 45 mins it took to reach Chon Thanh after leaving the area of the ambush.
I include a photo of the L701 map of the area around Chon Thanh, as sometimes the names change from map series to map series, but there is no Trung Loi, or any likely candidates, as Ken says about the L7014 map, on this map either.

Let me know if you need any other map locations posted... and let me know how to put them in the body of the message.

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