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Originally Posted by Poor Old Spike View Post
To which Dimitris (Sunburn) replied there today-
"This is incorrect...untrue" and he got the Steam mods to lock the thread!
Did you notice how the MNO developers grabbed for the most handy lie available, without any forethought whatsoever? 'Sure' they fixed it.

Of course, even if that lie were true, it only serves to make the MNO developers look even more incompetent. So, every bug 'fix' gets broken by later releases? At NO point in time, is the game ever 'functional'. Instead, it is in a perpetual state of bugginess. This means that players must check, and re-check, and RE-check for the same stupid bugs every damn time. There is never any certainty that anything actually works!

So, just because the plane hovering bug 'might' have been fixed, there is absolutely no guarantee that it has not returned this (or next) patch.

Seemingly, every time the MNO developers open their mouths, they only serve to further embarrass themselves by showing their staggering level of incompetence and ineptitude.
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