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Originally Posted by Herman Hum View Post
Naval war is fought in the CIC or Battle Centre. To see torpedoes hitting submarines like they do in Cold Waters is just never going to happen. CW does have some nice 3D, but I lament how much better the game could have been if they had not spent the time and resources on 3D that is likely to be turned off after it has been seen a few times.
I agree, after a while those scenes are boring and pedestrian. They are designed for Arcade gamers and casual uncommitted gamers that focus on the visual aspect of explosions and special effects than the tactical mechanic. A game like Dangerous Waters allows to focus on the graphic aspect or the tactical aspect. Yet, the graphics are old but the tactical aspect is good for a 12 years old game. It sells for $15. Considering the outdated graphics, it is the tactical aspect that keeps it alive. There is a mitigating aspect which is "MODS". Mods can re-actualize the graphics and/or the Tactical side and/or the user interface.

Fleet Command is very simple to use, and the casual gamers looking for a quick and easy ride in naval warfare will enjoy that game. Harpoon is more elaborated and require a little bit more of a commitment. It's focus is the tactical aspect.
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