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I forgot to mention whoever was the commanding officer during the spring of 1970 - I did find 1 ops report he sent in that almost painted the Bong Son area like it was wine and roses....It was so far off the truth I did not save it to my favorites, now I am searching for it again. Kind of like wikipedia, if you read their timeline on the 173rd in Vietnam 68 - 70 is like the Herd did nothing at all. But if you were there you know differently.
It (the ops report) was more of a cover letter type of report that begged of the wonderful obsticales the unit had overcome since he arrived and made me feel as though this command he had was a springboard for a better position.
Just my opinion, and you can never be 100% sure what you read online is a true copy unless you are getting it from Texas or the NARA. (National Archives)
My researcher emailed today, the St Louis guy, finally got permission to go thru the paperwork. Now, have to see whats in the files, if SS's are on anything an employee must be with him at all times.
Seems like a strange rule - my wife can remember numbers without writing them down.
But I guess its so the researchers don't copy tons of SS# while they are there.....
I'll be out for a few days, but my wife will check in - she knows the details of my search if you have a need for where to ask for help. The sites that offer "looking for" are not alot of help. Most have not kept their email address current. Thats if you can stand looking thru page after page of requests. Most time I get my wife to do it. She has more patience than I do for this research.
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