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Orders of Battle Orders-of-battle, TO&E's, and related information on who fought where and what they brought to the battle.

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Old 27 Jun 04, 23:20
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Polish Carpathian Brigade, early 1941

Hi folks,

I'm trying to find more detailed information (ideally numbers of men per company, type and numbers of weapons per company, that type of thing) for the Polish Carpathian Brigade that served in the Middle East and was at one time earmarked for service in Greece. So far I have the following:

1st Polish Independent Carpathian Bde (MajGen Stanislaw Kopanski)
     I Rifle Bn (Maj Jerzy Brzoski)
        From http://www.geocities.com/kumbayaaa/p...avreg1939.html (TO&E for 1939):
         3 x inf coy
         1 x HMG coy
     II Rifle Bn (Maj Jozef Sokol)
     III Rifle Bn (Maj Jozef Kopec)
     Carpathian AT Bn (Lt Col Antoni Dolegi-Cieszkowski)
         2 x AT Coy
     Carpathian Lt Arty Regt (Lt Col Stanislaw Gliwicz)
        From http://www.geocities.com/kumbayaaa/p...avreg1939.html (TO&E for 1939):
         2 x Bn
            3 x Bty (4 x wz.97 75mm fd gun)
         1 x Bn
            3 x Bty (4 x wz.14/19 100mm fd how)
     Engr Gp
         1st Engr Coy
         2nd Engr Coy
     Legion of Polish Officers
     Carpathian HMG Bn
     Carpathian Lancers Regiment (Maj Wladyslaw Bobinski)
         498 pers
         From http://www.geocities.com/kumbayaaa/p...avreg1939.html (TO&E for 1939):
            4 x line sqn
                 HQ, 3 x cav Pl
            1 x HMG Sqn
                 4 Pl (3 HMG ea)
            1 x Cycle Pl
            1 x AT Pl (4 Bofors 37mm)
            1 x Sig Pl
            1 x Sup Sqn
     Horse Regt Train
I doubt the 1939 TO&E would have held up during the German/Soviet invasion and subsequent escape of personnel to form the Carpathian Brigade, though presumably the outline organisation was retained perhaps with different numbers of men and equipment?

Any help fleshing out this very rough outline would be greatly appreciated. The information is intended to be used to create an accurate order of battle for the Brigade to be used in scenarios depicting the Greek campaign, as it might have occurred had the Brigade been deployed there instead of remaining in North Africa.

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